Three Main Kinds of Restaurant Lighting

When people think about restaurant lighting, they generally think of tables scattered around a room with dimmer switches for mood lighting. While this is definitely a very important aspect of creating an atmosphere that reflects the style and character of the restaurant itself, the kind of light that patrons can see past the drapes and into the kitchen is just as important. Restaurant owners who have chosen to use incandescent bulbs in their restaurant lighting will discover, sooner or later, that their customers are not only seeing the fixtures but also the kitchen lights as well. In order to create an ambiance in the restaurant that truly captures the spirit of the food and drink, restaurant owners should not only use lighting that illuminates the area, but they should use lights that can be seen outside the kitchen and the dining area.

The dining room, which may be the busiest room in a restaurant, is not the only room that guests should be able to see outside of the kitchen. Restaurants should make sure that every room in the restaurant is equally well lit so that no one feels isolated and that the dining area feels welcoming. Even if a person is standing right next to the bar, they should be able to look directly into the dining table and not feel that someone is looking over their shoulder. Know more about lighting at

Pendant lights for restaurant lighting are great for both indoor and outdoor use because they can be hung just about anywhere there is a flat surface. They can be mounted on the ceiling or above a standard desk. They can be used for task lighting, which is essential when a cook is working with several different customers at once, or they can be used on the menu boards for added accent lighting. Menu boards typically highlight the specials and prices of the day, which allows diners to make their selections without having to read a full page of text. Make sure to view here!

When it comes to accent lighting, there are so many different options available. People often associate dimmer switches with upscale restaurant lighting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The perfect option for adding ambiance to a dining room is a chandelier. Chandeliers can be suspended from the ceiling or just placed above a countertop. The size of the chandelier will depend entirely upon the overall design theme of the restaurant and the type of ambiance that are desired.

Another great option for restaurant lighting is LED lighting. LED lighting is a fairly recent development, but it has quickly become one of the most popular types of lighting for restaurant design. LED lighting gives a restaurant the appearance of being on a spaceship as it glows from behind. LED lighting can also be used for task lighting, which is great for when a cook is working with several different customers at once. A chandelier or pendant light can be installed above a bar and used to accent a chef’s hat or as an extra help light if needed.

There are now three main kinds of restaurant lighting that need to be considered when designing a new space. These are task, ambient, and decorative lighting. It would be wise to research each one to see what options are available and which would best suit the needs of your restaurant. The right lighting will be an integral part of your overall restaurant design. It will help to create the right ambiance and mood so that people are happy to dine and enjoy their experience. Be sure to read more here!

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